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Episode 8: Steve And Jim

Get to know your hosts once again as we both tell a personal story of our own once again, this time about being in and dealing with crisis.  As you know going all the way back to episode one, Stories of Our Lives is a podcast dedicated to interpersonal conversations and storytelling. On occasion, such as in this 45-minute episode, there will be monologue versions from your fellow hosts, but for the most part, there will be interviews and discussions with each individual that appears on the show.   First up we hear a story courtesy of Steve, and we learn about his time when he was becoming a social worker starting out in the field.  Then, I recount my first experience interning at a Chicago-based organization, the connection I have made with a particular guest, and how it connects to a recent personal tale of crisis I’ve experienced. Thanks again for listening to these two stories, and we look forward to sharing more with you and from others in the months to come - Jim 

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A quick 45-minute episode in which I tell a very personal story, and my co-host does the same!

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